The statistics in northern BC reaffirm the global observation that men's health, in general lags behind that of women. Men are more likely to be injured or killed through workplace incidents, suicides, diseases, addictions and violent events. In addition, men tend to access health care services less frequently than women. With the goal of prevention, Northern Health in Northern BC has been trying various communication strategies to educate men about the importance of their role in the family and the community and how they need to take control of their health starting with the report "Where are the Men" To help with this marketing effort we created this infographic to illustrate the statistics regarding this issue ending with the call to action for Men to visit their local physician.


Where are the Men?

This infographic is our first try at this type of design and was a lot of fun to develop and build. The facts about Men's Health in Northern BC are disconcerting and we are happy to help the cause to increase awareness and bring attention to the importance of prevention any way we can.

Where are the Men Infographic



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